Red Cross Honors Volunteers, Employees for their Passion and Dedication

A crucial line of service for delivering the Red Cross mission is Disaster Cycle Services (DCS). These teams, strategically located across Michigan, respond to disasters big and small in their communities, including home fires, the nation’s most frequent disaster. They also deploy to other parts of the country to assist people impacted by other disasters, such as extreme weather. The DCS team recently honored volunteers and employees for giving so selflessly of their time.

“I try to take every opportunity to travel around Michigan to see the work they do. The level of dedication of our volunteers and employees left an indelible print on my mind. From their ‘get up and go’ attitude to the empathy they give to those we serve is a testament to the exceptional work we do,” Regional Disaster Officer Darwin Roche said.

Distinguished Service Award – Jenny Manna, Volunteer

“Jenny gives so much to this organization and goes above and beyond the call of duty daily. She is truly the fabric of the chapter, the lifeblood of the chapter. Jenny puts her blood, sweat and tears into what we do.”

Carnel Richardson, Disaster Program Manager, Southeast Michigan Chapter

Distinguished Staff Award – Ann Swain

“Ann has shown a level of dedication to her work but also to her colleagues, both in her unit and across service lines. Leadership is not just about titles – it’s about action. Ann is dedicated to the mission in her leadership.”

Darwin Roche, Regional Disaster Officer

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award – Louise O’Donnell

“The Red Cross aspires to be an organization fully committed to diversity and inclusion by creating and maintaining an inclusive and diverse community of volunteers and staff. Louise exemplifies that mission. She is dedicated to disability integration. She always has new and innovative ideas to ensure that individuals with disabilities are accommodated with a cheerful outlook. Louise uses all of her time and energy to ensure all individuals are served and continues to build teams and processes to help our region.”

Natalie McIntyre, Regional Volunteer Services Officer

Excellence in Disaster Cycle Services Award – Helen Ostien

“We all know when someone experiences a disaster, it’s about more than just losing things. It’s so much more and so much deeper. What Helen does to help our clients move forward is so impactful.”

Sarah Hemminger, Senior Disaster Program Manager, Michigan Region

Excellence in Nursing Award – Dan Cummings

“During the Gaylord tornado Dan went above and beyond in so many ways. In one instance, he ran found boxes of special formula for a mother whose babies had special needs. He has a excellent skill set for deploying and in nursing, and has been a longstanding, dedicated volunteer for us.”

Meghan Powers, Disaster Program Manager, Northern Michigan

Honorary Lifetime Membership Award – Mary Dougherty

“Mary provides support and has been emblematic of Red Cross values. She is selfless in her service to colleagues and the people she has served. Mary is passionate about her work and is so deserving of this award.”

Mary Lynn Foster, Regional Chief Executive Officer

Meritorious Service Award – Kate Cragwell

“Kate is passionate and driven when it comes to her work in disaster mental health, and has increased capacity in this area to have a really positive result for our organization. I’ve seen firsthand all the work Kate has put into this area that didn’t have a lot of processes before she started. It’s a privilege to see her build teams.”

Sarah Hemminger, Senior Disaster Program Manager

Outstanding Service Award – Sarah Mineau

“Sarah goes above and beyond every day to support our volunteers and staff as they grow in their work. The work she does from trainings and evaluations to promotion packets helps to support and connect leaders in our region. Because of Sarah’s leadership our regional readiness has improved immensely – an unbelievable increase. She makes us all better.”

Kelly VanHouten, Workforce Engagement Officer

Presidential Service Award for Excellence – Kimberly Patrick-Chapman

“Kimberly truly is the embodiment of being a Red Crosser and supporting the mission. She is also a wonderful organizer of equipment, supplies and people. Her insights and knowledge help to create positive outcomes for everyone.”

Darwin Roche, Regional Disaster Officer

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