AmeriCorps Spotlight – Katelyn

The AmeriCorps “Together We Prepare” program is looking for new members! The Together We Prepare AmeriCorps program, administered by the American Red Cross, utilizes AmeriCorps members to improve the capacity of communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters in locations across Michigan.

Today’s AmeriCorps spotlight is on Katelyn who serves in Traverse City.

What were you doing before you joined AmeriCorps?

Before I joined AmeriCorps, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Economics at the University of Wisconsin and worked as a temporary Academic Program Associate at the university over the summer.

What made you want to join the Together We Prepare program with the Red Cross?

I was committed to serving an AmeriCorps term but didn’t know where or what I wanted to be doing. There were thousands of listings, but the Together We Prepare program caught my attention because it provides at-home and in-person service opportunities which directly and quickly impact the community at large. The American Red Cross Chapter staff interviewing me were personable and passionate and conveyed a sense of workplace unity, causing me to choose this opportunity over others.

What duties/responsibilities do you perform for your chapter?

My AmeriCorps team and I pioneer emergency preparedness programs for youth and community members, support the Disaster Action Team in responding to hazards, boost relationships and engagement with our volunteers, and implement special projects to ensure the region is prepared for potential disasters. I also collaborate with Biomedical Services to recognize and appreciate their high-performing volunteers.

What is your favorite thing you do as an AmeriCorps member?

My favorite part of my service is meeting with youth across the state to teach preparedness presentations. The kids are always high energy and excited to have you visiting their classroom or club meeting. Each student learns something new, and I am glad to be the one teaching them.

What has been a challenge for you this term?

I am nervous on the telephone, but this position has challenged me to recognize my emergency knowledge and support are essential in helping the community prepare for and recover from disasters. Although I am still unsure on the phone sometimes, the TWP program has enhanced this skill tremendously for me.

What advice would you give to someone joining the program?

You don’t need to know everything, and there are many opportunities to learn. A client only knows as much as you do, so anything you do will help in their road to recovery. The more you immerse yourself in the material, the more you can serve your community.

If you’re interested in joining the AmeriCorps Together We Prepare program contact Program Director: Eilis Gambill Phone: (810) 358-4357 Email:  

Or apply at the links below.

Ann Arbor:;jsessionid=RDLzN-ch0P_Mb3iR1pNPUYqboev4NKpEUliWzOafF2O1fg1PQR04!126839335?id=81725&fromSearch=true


Traverse City:


Grand Rapids:


Flint: no openings

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